School Manager:..Tip#4

GradeProof Application   What does the app do? Gradeproof is a grammar checker designed to improve your writing. Its main features include spelling and grammar check, plagiarism check and word count. This can be extremely helpful to students who are looking to check their assignments before submitting, especially international students who want to be sure there are no mistakes. The rewording/rephrasing feature gives you multiple … Continue reading School Manager:..Tip#4

School Manager…Tip#3

  What a professional Resume should have. “As you shop the job market, your resume needs to stand out,” , Attention spans are at an all-time short, hiring managers spend  less than ten seconds looking at a resume before deciding whether the applicant is worth further consideration. Resume trends change quickly. From head shots to QR codes to company logos, it’s hard to tell which … Continue reading School Manager…Tip#3

School Manager Tip #2

The NaturalReader App. You don’t like your own voice on recordings, yet you cannot afford or have no time to hire a professional voice-over? Guess what? Here is a wonderful software that almost gets it right: NaturalReader. You can read five times faster with your ears than your eyes using this amazing app NaturalReader. This software turns text into speech with voices that are way more … Continue reading School Manager Tip #2

MINDOMO: Wonder of mind maps!

Arguably the best single android app I have encountered in the last few years, Mindomo is an indispensable tool for a student, teacher, worker, engineer, architect, project manager…everyone basically. The reason it is so necessary is the fact that everyone has something on their minds and the human working memory holds between 4 and 7 items at a go. For people with creative fast-paced minds, … Continue reading MINDOMO: Wonder of mind maps!


Even under the British Colonial Administrators, Enugu has always been a city to visit as far as music and entertainment are concerned. Enugu people, especially those residing in and around the capital city have always been a fun-loving people providing music and other forms of entertainment to visitors, including the white colonialists.Perhaps these were in traditional and less developed contemporary forms. From the sixties,however, and … Continue reading EXPLORE ENUGU –MUSIC & ENTERTAINMENT


The original inhabitants of what is known today as Enugu State had always, loved sports whether it is as recreation or as competition to win honors and laurel. As a regional and later State capital, Enugu City had well established sporting and recreation facilities. Some of the early sports clubs in the town include, the Railway Sports Club, Enugu Recreation Club and Enugu Sports Club. … Continue reading EXPLORE ENUGU STATE – SPORTS AND RECREATION IN THE COAL CITY


Cimcor an industry leader in developing innovative security, integrity and compliance software solutions as well as a global corporate, government and military initiative driver on protecting critical IT infrastructure has partnered with Tenece professional services to resell Cimcor’s forerunner software product. Cimtrak, a software which monitors critical network device configurations for changes and provides immediate alerting should a change be detected, helps organizations monitor and … Continue reading CIMCOR PARTNERS TENECE AS WEST AFRICA CIMTRAK RESELLER


  Tenece has a 93% national youth service corp (NYSC) member retention rate. The companies provision for staff training (compulsorily every staff is sent on one training course in his/her field, yearly) certainly extends to the corp members attached to the firm. This gesture ensures that the corper is further groomed within the service year, so much so that it becomes almost impossible to let … Continue reading RETAINING 93% OF NYSC CORPERS

Tenece MD awards scholarships to outstanding univeristy students

  Tenece Professional Services Limited provides full scholarship as our corporate social responsibility through her “Tenece Technology Development Scholarship Scheme” for academic excellence to students of tertiary institutions in Nigeria. The scholarship scheme is part of our vision of promoting development in the field of science and technology – with particular emphasis on Information Communications Technology and Engineering. Our goal is to increase the financial … Continue reading Tenece MD awards scholarships to outstanding univeristy students