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When it comes to real estate transactions, several things can go wrong; we need to be aware of some of those things in order to be better prepared for them, or better still prevent them. Continue reading THE IMPACT OF DUE DILIGENCE IN NIGERIAN REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS


School Manager Tip#35 – Free Personality Test

When we have an intense reaction or lose control of our feelings, we experience a rising tide of emotion (positive or negative) that we are unable to suppress. However common or rare this may be, how do different personality types generally feel about it afterward? Some may feel regretful, guilty, embarrassed, or even angry over an outburst, but others may feel totally unperturbed. To continue … Continue reading School Manager Tip#35 – Free Personality Test

Job Vacancies

 Job Duties & Responsibilities for Software Developer. Design and develop enterprise and departmental data warehousing and ETL solutions. Create robust and high-performing ETL mappings using Microsoft SSIS. Coordinate activities with data source application owners to ensure integration, data integrity, and data quality. Translate business requirements into ETL designs and mapping specifications. Understand and contribute to enterprise data warehouse data model. Perform unit testing of ETL … Continue reading Job Vacancies

Calculator Plus Android App.

  USA TODAY named Calculator Plus among its “25 Essential Apps”, calling it the “handy calculator app that’s garnered great user ratings” I’m Calculator Plus – the perfect calculator for Android. I’m easy to use and beautifully designed to do things better than your phone or handheld calculator ever did. I love saving you time and effort. I remember everything you calculate, and let you … Continue reading Calculator Plus Android App.

School Manager Tip 33 : Sage Pastel Accounting App.

Engaging leaners through technology What’s more, says Blundell, introducing technology into the accounting classroom introduces an element of fun to the subject and makes it seem more attractive to tech-savvy learners. It helps learners become more engaged with the subject because they are so accustomed to technology in their everyday lives. This is especially the case when the accounting curriculum makes use of today’s slick, … Continue reading School Manager Tip 33 : Sage Pastel Accounting App.

School Manager Tip#32: Examination Preparation

Give yourself enough time to study Preparing for exams? Give yourself the best chance with these top ten study tips, and try not to let the stress get to you! Remember: you’ve got this. Don’t leave it until the last minute. While some students do seem to thrive on last-minute cramming, it’s widely accepted that (for most of us) this is not the best way to approach an exam. To … Continue reading School Manager Tip#32: Examination Preparation

School Manager Tip#31 – Simplemind App

Mind Mapping A mind map is a tool for the brain that captures the thinking that goes on inside your head. Mind mapping helps you think, collect knowledge, remember and create ideas. Most likely it will make you a better thinker. Mind maps can be created in many different ways, but they share the same basics: Central theme A central theme is placed in the centre of … Continue reading School Manager Tip#31 – Simplemind App

Join the Tenece Team – Job vacancy

Here is an opportunity to join our team. If you know you have what it takes to take up this job, apply by submitting your Resume/CV to #TeamTenece #Teneceprofessionalservices #jobs #naijajobs #jobsinnigeria #javaskills #C# #informationtechnology #IT #applyforjob #Lagos #Nigeria Posted by Francisca Ogochukwu Emeruwa Continue reading Join the Tenece Team – Job vacancy

Tenece Check Point Day

The management of Tenece Professional Services Limited and Check Point Software Technologies Limited held a co-brand security summit on Wednesday, 9th May, 2018 with the theme “Improving your Cloud and Mobile security with Check Point Solution”.  Andrew Voges – Threat prevention sales leader Middle East and Africa spoke about Generation V and its threat landscape. One of the highlights for the event was a live … Continue reading Tenece Check Point Day

School Manager tip#30 – PDF DRIVE

PDF Drive is a free search engine which allows you to search, preview and download millions of PDF files into your devices. The crawlers are constantly scanning the world wide web to add PDF files to our database. In the case that PDF files are withdrawn from the web, then they are also immediately withdrawn from PDF Drive search results. In this way, the PDF Drive library stays … Continue reading School Manager tip#30 – PDF DRIVE