Tenece Professional Services Limited for the past eight years has successfully developed and deployed enterprise school management solutions in Nigeria. Our journey in the education sector started in South Eastern Nigeria, with track record history of understanding the gaps in the sector and developing bespoke solutions as well as providing jobs to thousands of Nigerians. With a flexible organization primed to deliver customized services to its clients, Tenece goes the extra mile to fully understand its clients’ real needs. Tenece offers its clients the capability to reinvent themselves and remodel their operations and business services using proven business methodologies.

The automation of school processes is most relevant this time when resources are scarce and speed of service delivery is critical to organizational effectiveness. With an ever-increasing students’ enrollment each year, the institute requires to engage better and more reliable systems to handle the massive administrative and academic demands cum challenges. In addition, rapid adoption of non-traditional payment and learning channels, including the World Wide Web (Internet), Smart cards, Mobile devices have provided responsive schools with many new sales, marketing, promotional and other customer interaction opportunities. Beyond convenience, these innovative channels also heighten transparency and accountability as desired.


Information and Communication Technology is a major driver for every growing economy and so, we understand the demand for expertise and local content skill development in this sector. Hence we will explore the impact and contributions of Tenece in the education sector, her exploits and the milestones achieved as a major stakeholder in the Academia.



Tenece Professional Services (‘Tenece’) is a multi-competency enterprise transformation and technology consulting services firm, that specializes in delivering technology solutions to meet the needs of our clients. We combine expertise and capabilities across many industries and business functions to deliver superior value to our clients —both in the private and public sectors — and build high performance enterprises. We are also positioned to solve mid-tier problems — the middle of the bell curve where IT managers face a steady diet of technology upgrades — application roll-outs and business problems which require resources beyond their own.


Right from its establishment, as a private limited liability company, Tenece’ reputation has always reflected the high quality of the talented Tenece team and consultants who work for our clients. Our principals and directors have a combined industry experience of over 40 years in various sectors of the economy, with competence in Business Transformation, Financial Advisory, Software Engineering, Communication Technology, e-Business development, Government Transformations (e-Government), Systems Integration, IT Consulting, Process Re-engineering, etc.


Tenece has a deep understanding of the industries it works in, buoyed by strong technical competencies and an outstanding track record both in the private and public sector.  And with its tested approach, methodologies and best practices, its clients get best-fit quality solutions that meet their business demands.

Our relationship with clients is a partnership. We bring our experience, best practices and tools that apply to clients’ unique requirements. We offer a wide range of solutions within 3 key areas of focus:

  • Technology Services
  • IT Transformation: Strategy & Architecture
  • Business Intelligence
  • Application Integration and Migration
  • Application Development
  • Application Testing & Quality Assurance Services
  • Infrastructure and Security
  • Enterprise Portals
  • Software Quality Management & Testing
  • Technology Alliance Partners
  • Managed Services
  • Applications Outsourcing
  • Infrastructure Outsourcing
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Advisory Services
  • Business Transformation
  • Government Transformation


Tenece offers its clients the capability to reinvent, remodel and transform their operations and business services using proven business methodologies.

With a flexible organization primed to deliver customized services to clients, Tenece goes the extra mile to fully understand our clients’ intricate needs. This insight is employed to create superior business value for clients.

Across all the tertiary institutions we currently have business relationship with, Tenece is partnering with these clients to fully implement enterprise solutions which we have listed out below:

A. Enterprise Education Portal (School Manager) with tailored School Management tools

  • Online Sale of Application Forms
  • Online Admission & Registration Module
  • Online Fees Payment Module (using the eTranzact payment platform – for enhanced administrative capabilities and transparency in monitoring of all fees transactions)
  • Online Semester Course Registration
  • Online Semester Result Checking
  • Verification Solution (for incoming students)
  • Clearance Solution (for graduating students)
  • e-Learning/Distance Learning Support Services
  • Email Services, etc…

B. Result Computation & Transcript Processing Application (ResultManager)

  • Semester Result Computation
  • Online Transcript Request & Processing (Official & Unofficial Transcripts)
  • Generation of Statement of Results
  • Generation of Transcript (Session/Degree Transcripts)
  • Migration of past records & results (Electronic format), etc…


C. Capacity Building Initiatives, Consultancy & Support Services

  • Onsite Technical Support Personnel
  • ICT Resource Centre
  • Trainings & Sensitization Programs
  • Laptop Acquisition Schemes
  • Scholarship Schemes
  • Awards, etc.

D. Network & Communication Solution – Including High-Speed Internet Coverage of the School

  • Fast & Reliable Internet Connectivity (leveraging on the rapid growing Fiber coverage with a secondary VSAT link)
  • Data Centre (with highly scalable structured cabling)
  • Campus Wi-Fi Solutions (creation of wireless Hotspots for unlimited availability). This capability will enable students access internet (wireless) within the school and the hostels close to the school. It also empowers the institution to operate as an ISP (Internet Services Provider) thereby enhancing revenue generation
  • Wired LAN
  • Unified Communications technology (IP Telephony – VoIP for management and senior staff of the institution)
  • Security Surveillance Cameras (CCTV) & Network Management System (for proactive monitoring and support of the entire infrastructure)


E. Bulk SMS Solution (for enhanced communication amongst the staff and student community – information dissemination using SMS messaging). Tenece promises to deploy an SMS engine for the school.

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