Yes…and No!

Yes a few game buffs who are too “thirsty” for a taste of the revolutionary gaming sensation have found ways of installing the application on their phones (APK …is all I can say about that), whereas a few others have stumbled upon it, although exclusive to a certain phone device which goes by the name mi-TRIBE (sells on Konga). And No, it isn’t yet all that, at least not in Nigeria.

This innovative application launched a fortnight ago, has garnered well over 10 billion dollars, and counting (Africa hasn’t been on-boarded yet, so we can expect a bumper sale in the near future).

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Its over-night global success must have come as a surprise to Nintendo which owns about 35% of this brain-child it created (when you add its shares in Niantic and The Pokémon Company). The AR phenomenon is said to rake in upwards of $4mil daily – massive isn’t it?!

A quick summary of the tech behind this game is this:

There are a number of technologies fighting for domination of the future, two of which happen to be “sisters” in a sense – Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). While the former immerses its audience in a virtual (not real) simulation of the world, the later super-imposes virtual elements (such as Pokémon) in the audience’s real world. Technology power houses are leading this race to domination; Microsoft believes in AR and has invested in “HoloLens” and Google and co believe more in VR and have invested in the likes of “Oculus Rift”. The new found fame of Pokémon Go is believed to have launched AR into the driving seat…at least in the interim.

Back to Nigeria:

Although the app isn’t yet officially launched in Africa, the biggest telecom and gaming markets on the continent can’t wait to devour their piece of this pie. Establishments are already gearing-up to own “Poke Stops” and “Poke Gyms”. However, the wait seems endless as the weeks go by, and the Nigerian gaming community seems helplessly hindered by the “regional game launch” hurdle. But wait we shall!


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