“An Investment in knowledge pays the best interest” Benjamin Franklin


As a supporter of exceptional initiatives tailored towards providing the best alternatives to our clients and our various host nations and communities, Tenece commenced her corporate social responsibility (CSR) week on 23rd September 2016 in kind by reaching out to a local community in Ikota.


Bethesda Nursery Primary and secondary school (An Initiative of Bethesda child support agency) was visited by representatives of Tenece who on behalf of the organization made cash donations towards the sponsorship of several teenage students to secondary school.


The donation was received by the principal Mrs Ijeoma Nwachukwu, who thanked Tenece for its investment in improving the quality of education among our “future leaders”. Mr Emmanuel Amadi the leader of the team from Tenece stated that it is also pertinent to replenish the  school library with books for secondary education, as the books supplied the previous year by Tenece will not suffice for the secondary students. Essentially, study materials necessary to nurture the growth of the children’s educational qualities especially in their promissory stages, have been made available by Tenece for the past few years.


Bethesda Child Support Agency is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that aims at providing free and quality education to Orphans and the less privileged


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