Wolfram Alpha: Making Maths Easy!

Wolfram Alpha is a computational search engine (sometimes referred to as an “answer engine”). The interface looks similar to that of a regular search engine but queries typed into the search box result answers to specific questions rather than listings of websites that may be relevant to the query.   The Wolfram Alpha search box accepts natural language input in keyword, phrase, or sentence format, … Continue reading Wolfram Alpha: Making Maths Easy!

www.SCI-HUB.cc …an amazing academic research tool.

Sci-hub is a federated search system plus an associated repository that contains illegally obtained copyrighted material. Users can input either: a url for a scholarly article a DOI. a text search (which makes use of proxied Google Scholar search results to offer up functional links to access controlled material) It works in concert with a repository of pirated material called Library Genesis (LibGen). It’s currently … Continue reading www.SCI-HUB.cc …an amazing academic research tool.

Selfcontrol App

Hands-on: Self Control for Mac blocks distractions—seriously Self Control is a free app for Mac OS X that helps you enforce your own … “Is there a word for someone who blocks themselves from accessing everything work-related, leaving them only with Twitter?” That’s the question i asked shortly after blocking myself from everything Ars in an attempt to test out Self Control, a simplistic (if not … Continue reading Selfcontrol App