Two big ways that students waste time while studying for exams

Practice alone does not guarantee results

Don’t mindlessly go through past paper after past paper, making no attempt to learn from your mistakes, and wait for your grades to improve – they won’t. Instead, we find that students improve the fastest if they continuously go through a process of self-correction. Practice what you do understand and identify what you don’t. Master an area before moving onto the next.

Do this by:

  • Look through your notes
  • Look at worked examples/answers
  • Google
  • Ask your teachers
  • Get help from a private tutor
  • Discuss it with your friends

Most students will do a bit of the above, and watch their grades creep up gradually, but if you want a big boost then you need to make an active effort to address your weaknesses.

No amount of practice is going to help if you don’t know what you’re doing, and no amount of amazing explanations is going to help if you don’t practice yourself.

Overdoing one thing while neglecting the other will often give you the illusion that you’re studying, when in reality you’re not really improving.

Both components are closely related, and both are needed if you want to improve .



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