School Manager Tip: BenchPrep

tip 22.6

The modern world demands a better learning experience that is personalized to individuals and delivered on demand in a flexible format.

BenchPrep deliversΒ an unmatched user experience

Today’s β€œlearning” tools only focus on managing the process and deprioritize the educational experience. Enter BenchPrep, the only comprehensive learner success platform that addresses the learner’s needs. With a personalized, game-based, and fun approach, BenchPrep ensures users aren’t left behind by driving deeper engagement and higher success rates.

It’s imperative that learning can occur anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Learners now demand to learn on their terms and have an experience that is comparable to all other apps, websites, and platforms they regularly use. BenchPrep delivers an engaging experience by leveraging the power of learning science, technology, data science, usability engineering, and innovative instructive design models to help users learn better and faster.

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Excerpts from:Β

Compiled by Ogochukwu Emeruwa


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