Join the Tenece Team – Job vacancy

Here is an opportunity to join our team. If you know you have what it takes to take up this job, apply by submitting your Resume/CV to #TeamTenece #Teneceprofessionalservices #jobs #naijajobs #jobsinnigeria #javaskills #C# #informationtechnology #IT #applyforjob #Lagos #Nigeria Posted by Francisca Ogochukwu Emeruwa Advertisements Continue reading Join the Tenece Team – Job vacancy

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The Internet Of Things

So IoT basically means that all these “dumb devices” will be able to communicate, interact and talk to each other for more efficient, automated control and monitoring. IoT is built on cloud computing and networks of data gathering sensors. It is going to make everything in our lives, from dustbins to airports, “smart”. Continue reading The Internet Of Things

Before you break-up…Count to five.

Hi! It’s the end of the year, a period when a lot of people decide on various resolutions for the New Year, whether it’s to put an end to a bad habit, friendship or relationship etc. New Year being a time to start afresh, so I’m going to share a few relationship tips. Before you consider leaving that guy or girl, please make sure the … Continue reading Before you break-up…Count to five.

Lagos Hot-spots to spice up the yuletide

Christmas is here again! A season of fun and joy. Have you made up your mind on what, where and how you will be spending your holidays? Do you wonder about the best hotspots in your city? Well search no further. Here is a concise enumeration of activities and locations for your holiday pleasures in Lagos. Food and Drinks Cactus A really good restaurant by … Continue reading Lagos Hot-spots to spice up the yuletide

Safety in the Workplace

  The key to a safe workplace is having effective safety and security policies in place and to communicate these policies to all employees. For Example: Require office visitors to be escorted or to wear identification. Require delivery people to wait in the reception area and to make deliveries at that one location only. • Establish an emergency alert procedure for the receptionist to signal … Continue reading Safety in the Workplace